art moderne cover

L’Art moderne (1883)


American Register.

14 July 1883.

L’Art Moderne, par J.-K. HUYSMANS, Charpentier.

Here we have collected in one volume a series of articles upon art that had already been published in different reviews. The author makes a vigorous display of animation and passion in these pages, of too much passion, in fact. He is a declared impressioniste, and though he is sometimes rightly inspired, he is oftener in the wrong, we find, when he applies vehement and severe criticism to the works of many among the most eminent contemporary painters. Concerning the administration des Beaux Arts, he suggests that it should simply be replaced by the public verdict, which we consider rather premature. Still, some of his remarks are just and might not only be listened to with profit, but will no doubt bear fruit in time.