Joris-Karl Huysmans, Le styliste, le mystique

Victor Blériot

Paris: Chez Charles Meunier



A curious work edited and published after the author's death by Henri Blandin, who explains in his preface that Blériot had written his appreciation of Huysmans after reading Blandin's own book, J.-K. Huysmans : l'Homme, l'Ecrivain, l'Apologiste (1912). The book was printed by the publisher of Blandin's book, Charles Meunier, in a very small edition, no doubt for friends of the late author and of the editor. The number of copies isn't stated but must have been very small as not even the Bibliothèque nationale possesses a copy, nor does it feature on any of the bibliographies to be found in critical studies of Huysmans. This example is signed by Blandin.